Secrets of the ages

Robert Collier once wrote: The World Belongs to You. Hegoes on to say “It is your estate. It owes you not merely a living, but everything of good you may desire. You’ve got to demand these things of it, though. You’ve got to fear naught, dread naught, and stop at naught. You’ve got to have the faith of Columbus, crossing an unknown sea, and giving the world a new hemisphere. You’ve got to have the faith of a Washington – defeated, discredited, almost wholly deserted by his followers, yet holding steadfast in spite of all – and giving America a new liberty. Now, both of these men, and the author included, had a vision of what they each saw in their minds eye of what is possible if you hold to your faith and knowing it will be. If you can imagine it in your mind, and since thoughts are things then doesn’t it stand to reason that it is? I believe in our universe, or one of the many others it has to be.


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