These two cats have been inspiring me for; Oh heck, I’d say about 18 months now? I give gratitude Beth and Lee.

Beth and Lee's Blog

Not everyone sees that thought creates the life experience. It is because they haven’t even thought of it or don’t want to believe. When you become conscious of the belief that thought creates, you’ll see signs everywhere.  It is all in how each individual believes.

What belief may seem right for one, may not be right for another. No matter what you believe, that is what you create in your life. Even those that don’t believe thoughts and feeling create the life experience still create their life through their thought and feeling. But by being unconscious of the fact they still create a life of what they think, feel, and believe. They will have a life of ‘proven facts’ that show to them  what they think is true.  Each of us creates our own truth in this physical world. There are laws of the Universe that are eternal that are…

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