The Global Conversation

I could not find the right words to inform all of you of this movement so I am just pasting a little of Neale Donald Walsch’s invitation here..

It is time now for humanity to make a massive shift in its experience of itself.

“A good life

for all” has been our dream for millennia. This is the moment in our species’ evolution when we either collectively create that reality at last, or we release any possibility of it for a very long time—if ever. We have “come to cusp” in our current evolutionary path.

Can we reverse our trajectory?

Is a major shift really possible?

In mathematics a cusp is defined as “a point at which the direction of a curve is abruptly reversed.” We are at that point precisely, in this cosmic moment.

The curve of humanity’s evolutionary trajectory is about to be abruptly reversed, from a species that thinks of itself as separate from its Source and its members, to a species that embraces its Oneness with the Divine and with each other; from a species that declares “may the best man win”, to a species that prays “may everyone win”; from a species that shouts “every man for himself”, to a species which announces “one for all and all for one.”

Other curves that are being reversed: From a species that holds power as the prime value to a species that holds quality of life and expression of love as the prime value; from a species that believes it has been given dominion over the earth to a species that understands it has been granted stewardship of the earth; from a species that maims and kills it own kind to resolve disputes, to a species that works to find win-win solutions to all disagreements.

And there is more. Much more. A major shift in what it means to be “human” is underway in the minds and hearts of millions.

Yet if the majority of humans reject these new trends and insist on forging ahead in old directions, that curve will turn into a downward spiral from which our species may never emerge…or may require several millennia to do so.

And so, change is up to all of us who choose, in the unforgettable words of the late Robert Kennedy, to seek a newer world. It is up to us to make humanity’s dream come true.

We can do this through the simple act of inspiring, igniting, and stoking conversations around the world.

Yes, that is all it will take. That is all it has ever taken. For it is as Victor Hugo said: Stronger than all the armies is an idea whose time has come.

Join in creating a global conversation right now.


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