Miss Sherry Land Bowman

Are you ready for change? When will you be ready to stop doing what doesn’t work and start something that does? Start doing something that makes your life easier and not your employer’s. How about NOW!! I have seen lots of great opportunities, but they are short lived. Not this business (Coffee from Gano Excel). People will always drink their coffee even if they have to pay a ridiculous price for it. Not from Gano Excel. Why not market a Health/Wealth product? It doesn’t require anyone to start a habit. Just change what they are already drinking. I am sure you know people that drink coffee ( 3/4 of the world do ). It’s as easy as asking anyone: “Do You Drink Coffee?”. It doesn’t get any easier than this! Drink the coffee – Share the coffee – Build a customer base. The people that can see the possibilities (customers) will want to know how they can profit from it also.They can get in where they fit in: $50-$995. No, its not a “Get Rich Quick

 Scheme”; its just common sense. Who wouldn’t want to get paid from a “Habit”. The Big Pharmaceutical company’s are taking trillions to the bank yearly. Why shouldn’t you get your piece of the “Wellness Pie”. Don’t just be what I call a “Consummate Consumer”. Take action TODAY. The products are world class ( its documented ). Gano Excel is the creator of the category of Energized Coffee. The training is “FREE”; its also archived so you can listen at your convenience. Wanna make money in a hurry? We have the training for that also.
All you need to do is start! It doesn’t matter if you have ever been in business before. For us to succeed you “must” succeed.
Don’t get it “Twisted”, the company( Gano Excel) will keep growing whether you get involved or not. The choice is yours.
Not sure? Look at the research. Talk to those that are doing the business and using the products. The answers will all be about the same. Most people say ” I am glad someone turned me on to this product”. Health issues are real folks! Just go to YOUTUBE and type in Miss Sherry Land Bowman’. All of us need this opportunity. The question is: “Are you going to accept it?”.
Questions: Call me, Sherry, 765-453-7868 or Bonnie J Bowman 765-431-7721. For an overview of the business: 800-921-4266.
Its also easy to place an order by phone: 626-338-8081. Tell customer service you want to get with the originators and not the imitators. Use ID# 8046028, then call me, Sherry, the HEALTHY coffee girl.
Join my team here: www.myganocafe.com/sherrymarykaycafe



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