Walking the towpath trail.

I grew up in Akron, Ohio and during my tour in the Marine Corps I saw some pretty amazing sights throughout the South Pacific

and Indian Oceans. I recently moved closer to downtown and just strolling along I have come upon some really beautiful scenery

I never knew existed or actually noticed when I was young boy. I guess when you turn fifty you begin to see things in an entirely

different light. Colors seem more vivid, smells touch your nose like they never had before, the sounds of nature and little kids playing

seem so much better. When I was in my earl twenties I would run about five miles almost every single day. Now at fifty-one years young

I simply walk the five and enjoy all the beauty that The Universe has created for you and I. So my advice to all people where ever you

may be, is to at least once a week (I prefer Sunday) go take a walk and see if you are able to notice all the wonder of life that is a gift to

you from The Divine. Share it where ever you can and with whom ever you choose for the mere fact of giving some one your gift.

Mother Earth will always reclaim what is rightfully hers.


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