Creating Peace.

Any attempt to create peace through war is futile. The act of arming other people to create their own peace is absurd. Training our young men and women to kill others is shameful. Each time someone dies or kills in the name of peace, a “peace” of you and I die with that person no matter where it is on our planet.

A foreign policy based on military actions is a very dangerous ,and frankly, not what America was founded on. When an elected official says that we must help a nation by arming its people or the rebels attempting to overthrow another corrupt government we as a people are merely supporting the killing of our own species. There are so many other ways to help others with knowledge of the past and wisdom for the future of our planet and all its people.

Inside each and every living thing in this world is the knowing of a greater reason for being here. Every once and awhile if one simply stops and observes the beauty of life everywhere around us that is when the realization of why we are here will become more apparent. That will be the moment a person will realize we are Human “Beings” and not human “Doings”. We are here to experience Life. We are in this moment to experience joy, happiness, prosperity, and love.

Creating peace begins with creating a more balanced sense of who you are. To create the peace and love you desire (as we all do), it must start from inside each of us. Every single thing you decide to see in this world is and always has been an exact mirror of yourself. The wonderfulness about it is all people everywhere have the natural ability to change their perspective and change how they view the world. Just as you choose to see misery and suffering; it is a God given gift to see love and abundance all around us. If it is your desire (because it is much easier) to experience struggle and hardship then, so be it. I have chosen to observe and experience love and abundance.

Choose wisely young skywalker, because you ARE wise and you ARE

A Path to Peace


Peace and many, many.., many Blessings



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