On this Day in History..

On this Day in History..
13 – General Tiberius’ (later Emperor) triumphant procession through Rome after siege of Germany
534 – A second and final revision of the Codex Justinianus is published
1532 – Pizarro captures Incan emperor Atahualpa after victory at Cajamarca
1764 – Native Americans surrender to British in Indian War of Chief Pontiac
1798 – Kentucky becomes 1st state to nullify an act of Congress
1801 – 1st edition of New York Evening Post
1824 – NY City’s Fifth Avenue opens for business
1841 – Life preservers made of cork are patented by Napoleon Guerin (NYC)
1914 – Federal Reserve System formally opens
1920 – Australia’s Qantas airways founded in Winton, Queensland as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited
1925 – American Association for Advancement of Atheism forms (NY)
1938 – LSD is first synthesized by Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann at the Sandoz Laboratories in Basel, Switzerland
1939 – Al Capone is set free from prison at Alcatraz
1945 – UNESCO is founded
1948 – Operation Magic Carpet – 1st plane from Yemen carrying Jews to Israel
1955 – Johnny Cash makes his 1st chart appearance with “Cry Cry Cry”
1963 – Touch-tone telephone is first introduced to America.
1969 – 1968 massacre of civilians at My lai S Vietnam, by US is 1st reported
1981 – Luke marries Laura on General Hospital (16 million watch)
1989 – UNESCO adopts the Seville Statement on Violence at the twenty-fifth session of its General Conference
1997 – After nearly 18 years of incarceration, the People’s Republic of China releases Wei Jingsheng, a pro-democracy dissident, from jail for medical reasons
2000 – Bill Clinton becomes the first U.S. President to visit Vietnam since the end of the Vietnam War


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