On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
43 BC – Marcus Tullius Cicero (b. 106 BC), Roman orator and politician is assassinated
185 – Emperor Lo-Yang, China observes supernova (MSH15-52)
1732 – The Royal Opera House opens at Covent Garden, London.
1842 – NY Philharmonic Orchestra plays its 1st concert
1877 – Thomas A Edison demonstrates his gramophone
1900 – Max Planck, in his house at Grunewald, on the outskirts of Berlin, discovers the law of black body emission
1912 – Bust of Queen Nefertiti found in El-Amarna, Egypt
1925 – The Biltmore Theater opens at 261 W 47th St NYC
1937 – Dutch Minister Romme proclaims married women are forbidden to work
1939 – Lou Gehrig, 36, is elected to Baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown
1941 – Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor begins at 7:41 am
1945 – The Microwave oven receives its patent
1963 – Instant replay is used for the first time in a Army-Navy game
1967 – Otis Redding records “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”
1968 – Richard Dodd returns a library book his great-grandfather took out in 1823
1982 – In Texas, Charles Brooks, Jr. becomes the first person to be executed by lethal injection in the United States
1988 – Michael Gorbachev announces 10% unilateral Soviet troop reductions from Afghanistan at the United Nations
1995 – US space probe Galileo begins orbiting Jupiter
2003 – The Conservative Party of Canada is officially recognized after the merger of the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative Party of Canada


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