On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
546 – Gothic War (535-554): The Ostrogoths under King Tortola conquer Rome by bribing the Byzantine garrison
1531 – Pope Clement VII establishes a parallel body to the Inquisition in Lisbon, Portugal
1790 – Aztec calendar stone is discovered in Mexico City
1798 – 1st impeachment trial against an US senator (Wm Blount, TN) begins
1821 – Kentucky abolishes all debtors prisons
1862 – Gen US Grant issues order #11, expelling Jews from Tennessee
1895 – Anti-Saloon League of America is formed in Washington, DC
1900 – The new Ellis Island Immigration station is completed at a cost of $1.5 million
1920 – Japan receives League of Nations mandate over Pacific islands
1936 – Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen & dummy Charlie McCarthy, appear on Television
1944 – Japanese-Americans begin to be released from detention camps
1969 – USAF closes Project Blue Book, concluding no evidence of extraterrestrial spaceships behind thousands of UFO sightings
1975 – Lynette Fromme is sentenced to life in prison for her attempt on Pres Ford’s life
1989 – The longest-running American sitcom The Simpsons has its debut
1991 – The NBA’s most lopsided game as Cleveland beats Miami 148-80
2007 – Republic of Lakota asserts its independence from the United States


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