On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
218 BC – Second Punic War: Battle of the Trebia – Hannibal’s Carthaginian forces defeat those of the Roman Republic
1271 – Kublai Khan renames his empire “Yuan” (元 yuán), officially marking the start of the Yuan Dynasty of China
1719 – Thomas Fleet publishes “Mother Goose’s Melodies For Children”
1799 – George Washington’s body is interred at Mount Vernon
1849 – William Bond obtains 1st photograph of the Moon through a telescope
1878 – John Kehoe, the last of the Molly Maguire’s is executed in Pennsylvania
1888 – Richard Wetherill and his brother in-law discover the ancient Indian ruins of Mesa Verde
1898 – An Automobile speed record is set at 63 kph (39 mph)
1920 – 1st US postage stamps printed without the words United States or US
1936 – Su-Lin, the first giant panda to come to the US from China, arrives in San Francisco
1956 – “To Tell the Truth” debuts on CBS-Television
1964 – “The Pink Panther” cartoon series premieres on Saturday morning television
1966 – Dr Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” airs for 1st time on CBS (Boris Karloff narrates the tale)
1969 – Britain abolishes the death penalty
1972 – US begins its heaviest bombing of North Vietnam
1991 – General Motors announces its closing of 21 plants
1996 – The Oakland, California school board passes a resolution officially declaring “Ebonics” a language or dialect
1997 – HTML 4.0 is published by the World Wide Web Consortium


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