On this Date in History..Robinson Crusoe

On this Day in History..
401 – St Anastasius I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1686 – Robinson Crusoe leaves his island after 28 years
1732 – Benjamin Franklin under the name Richard Saunders begins publication of “Poor Richard’s Almanac”
1776 – Thomas Paine published his 1st “American Crisis” essay, in which he wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls”
1854 – Allen Wilson of Connecticut patents his sewing machine to sew curving seams
1891 – The first Negro Catholic priest, Charles Uncles of Baltimore, is ordained in the United States
1903 – The Williams-burg suspension bridge opens between Brooklyn & Manhattan
1904 – The Dawson City hockey team begins a 9 day walk; to get to a boat to Seattle; to catch a train to Ottawa; to play in the Stanley Cup on Jan 13 1905
1918 – Robert Ripley begins his “Believe It or Not” column in the NY Globe
1922 – Mrs Theresa Vaughn, 24, confessed in court to being married 62 times
1924 – The last Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost is sold in London, England
1932 – The British Broadcasting Corp (BBC) begins transmitting overseas
1941 – The US Office of Censorship is created to control information pertaining to WW II
1950 – Under disguise, Tibet’s 14th Dalai Lama flees to India in the wake of the Chinese invasion
1971 – Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange” premieres (X rated)
1975 – After the death of Brian Jones, Ron Wood joins the Rolling Stones
1984 – China PR Premier Zhao Ziyang & Margaret Thatcher sign Hong Kong Treaty
1995 – Queen Elizabeth asks Prince Charles & Princess Diana to divorce
2007 – The Lakota people, a Native American tribe, proclaim independence and withdraw all their treaties with the United States. They then proceed to establish the Republic of Lakota, with an ongoing process of international recognition as a separate country


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