Fiscal Cliff equals Bailout number two.

In 2008 the American people bailed out the banks and investment firms to the tune of 870 Billion US taxpayer dollars. That is fact. In just two days time from now the American people ie taxpayers, in essence, are going to be asked, nix that; told that they will have to trim even more and pay additional taxes, higher pricing, and enormous cuts across the board so that major corporations, banks, and yes, investment firms don’t take the hit or jobs will be lost and the economy will crumble before our very eyes.

The cornerstone of the United States was founded on freedom, pursuit of happiness and prosperity for all its citizens. How many citizens do you know that still hold true these beliefs? Yeah, me either.  I am a  Marine Corps veteran. I served honorably in the early 80’s and on December 21st, 1979 I raised my right hand and swore an oath to protect the United States of America against all enemies both foreign AND domestic. I took that oath to heart and believed firmly that I would Kill anyone who did not believe these truths to be self-evident. I held firm, that to protect freedom and bring Peace to the country, one must go into battle to do the protecting. Peace and freedom can only come from going to War to protect it. What a crock of shit. All those old beliefs are on very shaky ground today friend.Going to War for Peace is futile and an oxymoron people.Now don’t get me wrong here folks, I still believe with all my being that in America you can become wealthy. You can have prosperity and enjoy a very comfortable life. A beautiful home in the suburbs? You bet. Hell friend, I encourage and support that life for every one of its citizens and I hope to God you do too!

This is where I get a bit flustered and confused. Currently, 98% of the wealth is controlled by 2% of its citizens. And 98% of its citizens kicked down the 870 Billion US taxpayer dollars. Without even batting an eye the American people believed, that in order for the economy to be stable, it must be done. So they did. So here we are. Once again. Doing our part as “proud” Americans helping our country. And the people are being told that if we don’t we’re all gonna be standing waist deep in the shit again. Fear has a very funny  effect on the American people. When fear is manipulated in a certain way it can be used as a weapon against its own people.  As it has here again.

I would like to address the most wealthy persons living and prospering so well in our country today. I stand in complete awe and reverence of all the hard work you have done to create a better life for you and your children. You have done very good work and I commend you for your perseverance and diligence in creating a company, institution, corporation or what have you. Each and every one of you has served this great country (and yourself) with pride. You are deserving of everything you have or ever will have.

For my billionaire countrymen and women. Your esteemed presence is requested by your fellow citizens. You too have done well and I commend you for living the American dream and then some. You have created jobs and some of the best opportunities for average citizens to prosper as well. I congratulate you also for your hard work and perseverance in difficult times. But now is the time to pay your 870 billion dollar tab. Not to worry friends, you can still keep all the things you own. All your cars, all your homes, your jewelry and the “things” you have are still and always will be yours. You’ll still live very, very comfortably as well.  You and your businesses will always be appreciated for what they have done for our country. Never forget that friend. I myself am expressing my utmost  gratitude for all of your ingenuity and the sacrifices you believe that you have made.   But, it is time for the tab to be paid. It is a margin call pal and America is calling it past due. Your country has made you prosper very well and you are most deserving. When you were at the brink of losing it all, it was the people of America who bailed you out of the poorhouse; so to speak. It was the laws that you had passed that created all the woes that now are in front of you. It was your Greed for more and more that got America  into this mess and perhaps it is you who needs to step up and take responsibility for your actions. . As your need for more of the  mere pennies in my pocket continues, each one will make you more unhappy than you are right now. When will you realize that every nickel you take from me I give to you freely? All the money I have is yours if it will  increase your happiness? Every possession I own, I will give to you, with nothing expected in return, if it will take the burden you believe you have off your shoulders. I promise to do everything I can for your happiness because you are the exact reflection of myself. Simply put…I am because you are.

As for me, I will wake up tomorrow and every day here-after with gratitude and love for everything that is. I will dance. I will sing. I will enjoy every experience. I will open my arms to you when you (I) am ever in need of love. What’s mine is yours because We Are One. You are God expressing itself and I ask you that express a little more love my friend.


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