On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
45 BC – The Julian calendar takes effect for the first time
1 – Origin of Christian Era begins
404 – Last gladiator competition takes place in Rome
630 – The Prophet Muhammad sets out toward Mecca with the army that captures it bloodlessly
1502 – Portuguese navigators discover Rio de Janeiro
1610 – German astronomer Simon Marius 1st discovers the Jupiter moons, but does not officially report it, Galileo does so on July 1, 1610
1700 – Protestant Western Europe (except England) begin using Gregorian calendar
1788 – London’s Daily Universal Registrar becomes the London Times
1803 – Emperor Gia Long orders all bronze wares of the Tay Son Dynasty to be collected and melted into nine cannons for the Royal Citadel in Hue, Vietnam
1847 – Michigan is the first state to abolish capital punishment
1862 – 1st US income tax begins (3% of incomes > $600, 5% of incomes > $10,000)
1863 – Emancipation Proclamation (ending slavery) is issued by Abraham Lincoln
1880 – Construction of the Panama Canal begins
1892 – Ellis Island becomes reception a center for new immigrants
1898 – Brooklyn merges with New York to form present day New York City
1908 – For the first time, a ball signifying the new year, is dropped at Times Square in New York City
1934 – Alcatraz island officially becomes a federal prison
1946 – ENIAC, the 1st computer in the United States, is completed by Mauchly & Eckert
1953 – Hank Williams dies in a car crash on his way to a concert in Cincinnati, Ohio
1960 – Johnny Cash plays his first of many free concerts behind bars (San Quentin)
1968 – Evel Knievel fails in his attempt to jump Caesar’s Palace Fountain
1971 – Cigarette advertisements are officially banned on television
1985 – The Internet’s Domain Name System is created
1994 – The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) goes into effect
1996 – After 27 years, Betty Rubble debuts as a Flintstone vitamin
2002 – Euro banknotes and coins become legal tender in twelve of the European Union’s member states
2008 – A New Hampshire law legalizing civil unions for same-sex couples comes into effect


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