On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
1552 – 2nd version of Book of Common Prayer becomes mandatory in England
1789 – Georgetown, 1st US Catholic college, is founded
1849 – Mrs Elizabeth Blackwell becomes the first woman physician in the US
1862 – Agoston Haraszthy, 1st vintner in Sonoma Valley, California imports 10,000 grape-vine cuttings
1897 – Elva Zona Heaster is found dead in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. The resulting murder trial of her husband is perhaps the only case in United States history where the alleged testimony of a ghost helps secure a conviction
1930 – Clyde Tombaugh discovers and photographs the planet Pluto
1943 – Duke Ellington plays at Carnegie Hall in New York City for the first time
1960 – Bathosphere “Trieste” reach the bottom of the Pacific Ocean (10,900 m)
1962 – Bob Feller & Jackie Robinson are elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame
1969 – Cream releases their last album “Goodbye”
1972 – The entire population of Istanbul goes under 24 hour house arrest
1975 – “Barney Miller” premieres on ABC TV
1978 – Sweden becomes the first nation in the world to ban aerosol sprays, believed to be damaging to earth’s ozone layer
1986 – The 1st inductions into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame take place (Chuck Berry, James Brown, Ray Charles, Domino, Everly Bros, B Holly, J L Lewis & Elvis Presley)
1998 – Pope John Paul II condemns the US embargo against Cuba
3268 – Beginning of 2nd Julian Period (1/1 OS)


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