On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
1647 – Scots agree to sell King Charles I to English Parliament for £400
1661 – Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England is ritually executed after having been dead for two years
1774 – Capt Cook reaches 71°10′ south, 1820 km from south pole (record)
1790 – Lifeboat 1st tested at sea, by Mr Greathead, the inventor
1800 – US population: 5,308,483; Black population 1,002,037 (18.9%)
1847 – Yerba Buena is renamed San Francisco
1894 -The Pneumatic hammer is patented by Charles King of Detroit
1931 – Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights” premieres at Los Angeles Theater
1933 – The “Lone Ranger” begins a 21-year run on ABC radio
1956 – Elvis Presley records his version of “Blue Suede Shoes”
1961 – JFK asks for an Alliance for Progress & establishment of the Peace Corps
1968 – The Vietcong launch “Tet-offensive” on the US embassy in Saigon
1969 – The Beatles, with Billy Preston, gave their final live performance atop the Apple building at 3 Savile Row, London, in what became the climax of their Let It Be film
1973 – KISS performs together as a group for the first time (Coventry Club in Queens NY)
1982 – Richard Skrenta writes the first PC virus code, which is 400 lines long and disguised as an Apple boot program called “Elk Cloner”
1989 – 5 Pharaoh sculptures from 1470 BC are discovered at the temple of Luxor
1996 – Gino Gallagher, the suspected leader of the Irish National Liberation Army, is killed while waiting in line for his unemployment benefits
2003 – Belgium legally recognizes same-sex marriage


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