On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
1502 – Vasco de Gama sets sail from Lisbon, Portugal on his second voyage to India
1709 – The inspiration for Daniel Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe”, Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish seaman is rescued after 4+ years from Fernandez Island
1772 – Yves de Kerguelen of France discovers Kerguelen Archipelago, India
1793 – A US fugitive slave law is passed that requires the return of escaped slaves
1825 – The Creek Indian treaty is signed. Tribal chiefs agree to turn over all their land in Georgia to the government & migrate west by Sept 1, 1826
1876 – Al Spalding opens his first sporting good shop
1878 – Frederick Thayer patents his catcher’s mask (pat # 200,358)
1909 – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is created
1915 – The cornerstone for the Lincoln Memorial is set in Washington DC
1921 – Soviet troops invade Georgia (theirs, not ours)
1937 – The Cleveland Rams (now the infamous Browns) are granted an NFL franchise
1950 – Sen Joe McCarthy claims to have a list of 205 communist government employees
1955 – Pres Eisenhower sends the first of many US advisers to South Vietnam
1964 – The Beatles play their 1st NYC concert at Carnegie Hall
1973 – 116 of 456 US POW’s of the now famous “Hanoi Hilton” in North Vietnam, are released and flown to the Philippines
1984 – Cale Yarborough becomes the first Daytona 500 qualifier above 200 mph
1985 – West Indies beat Australia 2-1 to win cricket World Series Cup
1991 – North & South Korea form a joint team for table tennis competition (ping-pong)
1997 – Fred Goldman says he will settle for a signed murder confession from O J Simpson in lieu of his $20.5 million judgement
1998 – Intel unveils its 1st graphics chip i740
1998 – US district judge T Hogan declares line-item veto law is unconstitutional
2002 – US Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham,makes the decision that Yucca Mountain is suitable to be the United States’ nuclear waste repository


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