On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
1632 – Galileo’s Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems is published
1775 – The first US joint stock company (to make cloth) offers shares at 10 cents
1861 – On a bet, Edward Weston leaves Boston to walk to Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration
1876 – Johns Hopkins University opens its doors
1879 – Frank W Woolworth opens his first 5 cent & 10 cent store (Utica NY)
1888 – John Reid of Scotland demonstrates golf to Americans (Yonkers NY)
1903 – Due to drought, the US side of Niagara Falls runs short of water
1920 – The first artificial rabbit is used at a dog race track (Emeryville California)
1956 – Elvis Presley’s gets his 1st hit in Billboard’s top 10: “Heartbreak Hotel”
1958 – Australian swimmer Jon Konrads sets 6 world records in 2 days
1967 – Sling-shot goal post & 6′ wide border around field become standards in NFL
1972 – For the first time, President Nixon, meets with Chinese Premier Chou En-Lai in Beijing
1989 – UK physicist Stephen Hawking calls Star Wars a “deliberate fraud”
1992 – Rockers Kurt Corbin (Nirvana) & Courtney Love (Hole), are married
2006 – At least six men stage Britain’s biggest robbery ever, stealing £53 million (about $92.5 million or 78€ million) from a Securities depot in Tonbridge, Kent


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