On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
202 BC – Coronation ceremony of Liu Bang as Emperor Gaozu of Han takes place, initiating four centuries of the Han Dynasty’s rule over China
1066 – Westminster Abbey opens its doors
1646 – Roger Scott is tried in Mass for sleeping in church
1692 – Salem witch hunts begin
1759 – Pope Clement XIII allows the Bible to be translated into various languages
1794 – The US Senate voids Pennsylvania’s election of Abraham Gallatin
1849 – First boat load of gold rush prospectors arrives in SF from the east coast
1861 – The territories of Nevada & Colorado are created
1883 – The first vaudeville theater in America opens (Boston)
1933 – German President Von Hindenburg abolishes free expression of opinion
1939 – The erroneous word “Dord” is discovered in the Webster’s New International Dictionary, Second Edition, prompting an intense investigation
1940 – US population is recorded at 131,669,275
1947 – 228 Incident: In Taiwan, civil disorder is put down with the loss of 30,000 civilian lives
1956 – Forrester is issued a patent for computer core memory
1966 – The Cavern Club (Beatles hangout) in Liverpool closes its doors
1970 – Bicycles are permitted to cross Golden Gate Bridge
1982 – AT & T looses a record $7 billion for the fiscal year ending on this day
1983 – The Final episode of “M*A*S*H” airs on CBS; a record 125 million watch
1994 – 100 ATF and FBI agents raid the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas
2004 – Over 1 million Taiwanese participating in the 228 Hand-in-Hand Rally and form a 500-kilometre (300-mile) long human chain to commemorate the 228 Incident in 1947
2012 – The largest prehistoric penguin, Kairuku grebneffi, is discovered at nearly 5 feet tall


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