On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
44 BC – Julius Caesar, Dictator of the Roman Republic, is stabbed to death by Roman senators on the Ides of March
1493 – Christopher Columbus returns to Spain after his first new world voyage
1783 – In a passionate speech in Newburgh, New York, George Washington asks his officers not to support the Newburgh Conspiracy. The plea is successful and the threatened coup d’etat never takes place
1869 – Cincinnati Red Stockings become the 1st professional baseball team
1906 – Britain’s Rolls, Royce & Johnson form Rolls Royce Ltd
1919 – The American Legion forms in Paris
1928 – Benito Mussolini modifies Italy electoral system (abolishes the right to choose)
1948 – Sir Laurence Olivier appears on the cover of LIFE magazine
1950 – NYC hires Dr Wallace E Howell as its official “rainmaker”
1960 – The Key Largo Coral Reef Preserve is established (1st underwater park)
1965 – T.G.I. Friday’s first restaurant opens in NYC
1968 – LIFE mag calls Jimi Hendrix “the most spectacular guitarist in the world”
1971 – Chatrooms make their debut on the Internet
1982 – Nicaragua suspends their citizens rights for 30 days
1985 – The first Internet domain name is registered (symbolics.com)
1989 – Dept of Veterans Affairs is officially established as a Cabinet position
1991 – 4 LA police are formally charged with beating Rodney King
2004 – Announcement of the discovery of 90377 Sedna, the farthest natural object in the Solar system so far observed


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