On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
1453 – Mehmed II begins his siege of Constantinople (İstanbul), which would fall on May 29
1513 – Florida is discovered, and claimed for Spain by Ponce de Leon
1559 – Genoa Italy, expels all Jews
1819 – 1st successful agricultural journal (“American Farmer”) begins its publication
1827 – Joseph Dixon begins manufacturing lead pencils
1870 – Victoria Woodhull becomes the 1st woman to be nominated for US president
1902 – “Electric Theatre”, the first full-time movie theater in the United States, opens in Los Angeles, California
1908 – The Mills Committee declares baseball was invented by Abner Doubleday
1921 – Professor Albert Einstein lectures in New York City on his new theory of relativity
1931 – A teenage girl strikes out Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig in an exhibition game in Chattanooga, Tennessee
1932 – Charles Lindbergh turns over $50,000 as ransom for his kidnapped son
1958 – The National Advisory Council on Aeronautics is renamed NASA
1962 – The first official Panda crossing is opened outside Waterloo station, London
1966 – Soviet Union’s Luna 10 becomes the first spacecraft to orbit the Moon
1972 – 44th Academy Awards – “French Connection,” Gene Hackman & Jane Fonda win
1973 – ITT pleads guilty to asking the CIA to use its influence on the Chilean presidential election
1978 – Velcro is first put on the market
1992 – John Gotti is found guilty in the death of Paul “Big Paul” Castallanos
2002 – Israeli forces surround the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem into which armed Palestinians had retreated
2005 – James Stewart Jr. becomes the first African-American to win a major motor sports event


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