A small ripple can travel across the Globe…

Apparently we are not the only ones
who think it’s time for a revolution.
It’s time to revolutionize how the
distribution of apps, websites, services,
and products flow across the world…

… and it’s time to REWARD you, the
people, for the value you create in the
marketplace.In accordance with this,
we are excited to announce that we’re
“lifting the throttle” of the Rippln movement.

If you want to watch your ripple grow
viral across the world and get the chance
to EARN on all the activity happening
in your ripple when we open phase 2…

… it’s time to “RIPPLE UP”.
Until today, invites to Rippln have been
restricted to only 5 at a time. Starting
today however, you can play a new game
to unlock 5 invites, then 10, then 15, then
20 and then 25.
And upon unlocking the top prize of
25 invites into rippln… you will have
officially “Rippled Up”.

Reply to this blog and we’ll start you Rippln friends!!


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