On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
1310 – Fifty-four members of the Knights Templar are burned at the stake in France for being heretics
1647 – Peter Stuyvesant arrives in New Amsterdam (New York)
1812 – The Waltz is introduced into English ballrooms. Most observers consider it disgusting & immoral. No wonder it caught on!
1820 – Launch of HMS Beagle takes place; the ship that took young Charles Darwin on his scientific voyage
1904 – Andrew Carnegie donates $1.5 Million to build a peace palace
1916 – Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity is presented in New York City
1924 – Mercedes-Benz is formed by Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz
1927 – Louis B Mayer forms the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
1929 – The 1st regularly scheduled TV broadcasts begin (3 nights per week)
1947 – BF Goodrich announces the development of a tubeless tire in Akron Ohio
1949 – The first Polaroid camera is sold for $89.95 (NYC)
1951 – Jay Forrester patents the computer core memory
1959 – Yankee catcher Yogi Berra’s error-less streak of 148 games ends
1960 – Israeli Mossad soldiers capture Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires
1963 – “Puff (The Magic Dragon)” by Peter, Paul & Mary hits #2
1969 – The Monty Python Flying Circus comedy troupe forms
1980 – Pete Rose, 39, steals second, third, & home in one inning for the Phillies
2012 – Chinese scientists break world record by transferring photons over 97 kilometers using quantum teleportation


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