On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
715 – St Gregory II begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1515 – George van Saksen-Meissen sells Friesland for 100,000 gold guilders to arch duke Charles
1780 – About midday, near-total darkness descends on much of New England; to this day it’s cause is still unexplained
1848 – America’s 1st department store opens
1862 – The Homestead Act becomes law and provides cheap land for settlement of West
1884 – Ringling Brothers circus premieres in New York City
1892 – Charles Brady King invents and later patents the pneumatic hammer
1913 – Webb Alien Land-Holding Bill passes, forbidding Japanese from owning land
1930 – White woman win voting rights in South-Africa
1954 – Postmaster General Summerfield approves CIA mail-opening project
1958 – US & Canada form North American Air Defense Command (NORAD)
1960 – Alan Freed & eight other DJ are accused of taking radio payola
1962 – Stan Musial breaks Honus Wagner’s NL hit record with 3,431
1968 – 20th Emmy Awards: Get Smart, Mission Impossible & Barbara Bain receive the award
1975 – Junko Tabei becomes the 1st woman to summit Mount Everest
1982 – Actress Sophia Loren is jailed in Naples for tax evasion
1984 – Pat LaFontaine scores 2 goals within 22 sec in an NHL playoff game
1992 – 27th Amendment is ratified, prohibiting Congress from raising its salary (yeah right)
2161 – Syzygy: 8 of 9 planets will be aligned on the same side of the sun


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