On this Date in History..

On this Day History..
1293 – King Sancho IV of Castile creates the Study of General Schools of Alcalá
1498 – Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama arrives at Calcutta India
1501 – Joao da Nova Castell discovers the Ascension Islands
1609 – Shakespeare’s Sonnets are first published in London, perhaps illicitly, by the publisher Thomas Thorpe
1830 – D Hyde patents the fountain pen
1867 – Royal Albert Hall foundation is laid by Queen Victoria
1873 – Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patent the first blue jeans with copper rivets
1892 – George Sampson patents his clothes dryer
1916 – The Saturday Evening Post cover features a Norman Rockwell painting
1927 – At 7:40 AM, Charles Lindbergh takes off from NY to cross the Atlantic for Paris
1932 – Amelia Earhart leaves Newfoundland to become the 1st woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
1959 – Japanese-Americans regain their citizenship
1985 – Indians-Brewers game at Cleve Stadium is 1st rain-out of 1985, ends record string of 458 ML games since Opening Day without a rain-out
1992 – A Rap singer raps 597 syllables in under 60 seconds
2002 – The independence of East Timor is recognized by Portugal, formally ending 23 years of Indonesian rule and 3 years of provisional UN administration (Portugal itself was the former colonizer of East Timor until 1976)


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