On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
65 – Jews revolt against Rome, capturing the fortress of Antonia in Jerusalem
452 – Italy is invaded by Attila the Hun
1786 – Commercially made ice cream 1st advertised (Mr Hall, NYC)
1824 – The washing machine is patented by Noah Cushing of Quebec
1869 – Ives W McGaffey of Chicago patents his vacuum cleaner
1912 – Carl Laemmle incorporates Universal Studios Pictures
1917 – Walt Disney graduates from Benton High School
1948 – John Rudder becomes the first negro commissioned officer in the United States Marines Corps
1967 – Israel attacks the USS Liberty in Mediterranean, killing 34 US crewmen
1968 – The Rolling Stones release “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”
1979 – “The Source,” 1st computer public information service, goes on-line
1983 – “Trading Places,” “Ghostbusters,” & “Gremlins,” premieres nationwide
1984 – Homosexuality is declared legal in the state of New South Wales, Australia
1987 – Oliver North’s secretary Fawn Hall testifies at Iran-Contra hearing
1988 – Nippon Airways announces that painting eyeballs on Jets cut bird collisions by 20%
2004 – Transit of Venus (between Earth & Sun) occurs


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