On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
1578 – England grants Sir Humphrey Gilbert a patent to explore & colonize the US
1770 – Captain James Cook discovers the Great Barrier Reef off Australia
1793 – The first American stove patent is granted to Robert Haeterick
1859 – The Comstock silver lode is discovered near Virginia City, Nevada
1892 – The Limelight Department, one of the world’s first film studios, is officially established in Melbourne, Australia
1895 – Charles E Duryea patents the first gas-driven automobile
1927 – Charles Lindbergh is awarded the 1st Distinguished Flying Cross
1961 – Norm Cash becomes 1st Detroit Tiger to hit a ball out of Tiger Stadium
1964 – Chicago police break up a Rolling Stones press conference
1964 – Queen Elizabeth orders the Beatles to her birthday party; they attend
1966 – “I Am A Rock” by Simon & Garfunkel peaks at #3
1976 – Australian band AC/DC begin their 1st headline tour of Britain
1978 – Christa Tybus of London sets a record 24½ hrs of hula-hooping
1982 – The film “ET the Extra-Terrestrial” is released
2002 – Antonio Meucci is acknowledged as the first inventor of the telephone by the United States Congress
2012 – The Nobel Prize is reduced by 20% to prevent any future undermining of capital


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