On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
363 – Roman Emperor Julian is killed during the retreat from the Sassanid Empire. General Jovian is proclaimed Emperor by the troops on the battlefield
1284 – Pied Piper lures 130 children of Hamelin away (actually happened and not just a fairy tale)
1498 – The Toothbrush is invented
1797 – Charles Newbold patents the 1st cast-iron plow. He can’t sell it to farmers, though, they fear effects of iron on soil!
1843 – Hong Kong is proclaimed a British Crown Colony
1848 – The 1st pure food law is enacted in the United States
1870 – 1st section of Atlantic City (NJ) Boardwalk opens
1894 – Karl Benz of Germany receives his US patent for a gasoline-driven auto
1927 – The Cyclone roller coaster opens on Coney Island
1964 – The Beatles release “A Hard Day’s Night” album
1977 – Elvis Presley sings in Indianapolis; the last performance of his career
1989 – US Supreme Court rules 16 year olds can receive the death penalty
1993 – The U.S. launches a missile attack targeting Baghdad intelligence headquarters in retaliation for a thwarted assassination attempt against former President George H.W. Bush in April in Kuwait
1997 – The U.S. Supreme Court rules that the Communications Decency Act violates the First Amendment
2008 – The U.S. Supreme Court rules in District of Columbia v. Heller that the ban on handguns in the District of Columbia is unconstitutional


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