On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
48 BC – Battle of Dyrrhachium: Julius Caesar barely avoids a catastrophic defeat to Pompey in Macedonia
988 – The city of Dublin is founded on the banks of the river Liffey
1040 – Lady Godiva rides naked on horseback to force her husband, the Earl of Mercia, to lower taxes
1746 – Bonnie Prince Charles flees in disguise to the Isle of Skye
1806 – The Vellore Mutiny is the first instance of a mutiny by Indian sepoys against the British East India Company
1866 – Indelible pencil patents are granted to Edson P Clark
1914 – The Boston Red Sox purchase Babe Ruth from the Baltimore Orioles
1925 – Jury selection takes place in the John T Scopes evolution trial
1956 – 650,000 US steel workers go on strike
1962 – Martin Luther King Jr is arrested during a demonstration in Georgia
1965 – The Rolling Stones score their 1st #1 hit with, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”
1967 – Bobbie Gentry records “Ode to Billie Joe”
1981 – CERN achieves 1st proton-anti-proton beam collision (570 GeV)
1982 – Samuel Morse’s “Gallery of the Louvre” sells for $3,250,000 at auction
1985 – French agents sink Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior in NZ
1985 – Playboy magazine publishes full frontal nude pictures of Madonna
2002 – At a Sotheby’s auction, Peter Paul Rubens’ painting The Massacre of the Innocents is sold for £49.5million (US$76.2 million) to Kenneth, Lord Thomson
2012 – The American Episcopal Church becomes the first to approve a rite for blessing gay marriages


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