On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
1178 – Frederick I (Barbarossa), Holy Roman Emperor, is crowned King of Burgundy
1733 – The American Society of Freemasons opens its first lodge in Boston
1739 – Caspar Wistar begins manufacturing glass in Allowaystown, NJ
1756 – Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli presents the newly-built Catherine Palace to Empress Elizabeth and her courtiers
1824 – Gioacchino Rossini becomes manager of Theatre Italian, Paris
1872 – Mahlon Loomis patents wireless telegraphy
1928 – George Eastman presents the first color motion pictures in America
1951 – Ty Cobb testifies before the Emanuel Celler committee, denying that the reserve clause makes peons of baseball players
1956 – The US motto “In God We Trust” is authorized by congress
1965 – President Johnson signs the Medicare bill, which goes into effect in 1966
1966 – The Beatles’ “Yesterday… & Today,” album goes #1
1968 – The Beatles’ Apple Boutique store closes and the entire inventory is given away
1970 – 30,000 attend Powder Ridge Rock Festival, Middlefield Ct
1975 – Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa disappears in suburban Detroit
1990 – The first Saturn automobile rolls off the assembly line
1995 – Richie Ashburn and Mike Schmidt enter basaeball’s Hall of Fame
2002 – The accounting law referred to as “The Sarbanes Oxley Act” is signed into law by President George W. Bush
2006 – The World’s longest running music show Top of the Pops is broadcast for the last time on BBC Two. The show had aired for 42 years


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