My newest site!!

Good evening friend


A few years back when I first hooked up with Louise and Together We Earn she gave me some good advice about maybe writing a few blogs. As I was drifting off to wonderland one evening A thought came to mind and I wrote it down for the next day. I began thinking about an affiliate site I had joined a while back and thought of a new way to approach how I marketed it.


I sat down with my laptop and words just spilled out as I typed. It was quite an accomplishment on my part and posted it immediately on this site. It was all about how we create our reality and the ways we perceive it and came out like this (excerpt):

Stop “wishing” and bring about “wanting”

     You can always “wish” for anything in life but when you begin to generate wanting something in your life, that is

when the magic happens. We have all said it many times that ” I wish I had this” or “I wish he/she would…” We’ve

all done it and I guess it’s okay to wish for something but when you get a thought of wanting, it creates an entirely

different emotion. When you give this new emotion feeling, it will initiate a new belief that whatever your…


So I get an email from GIN today about creating your new website and just finished setting it up. I’ll appreciate any comments or advice about it after you folks take a look. So TaDa! Here it be!:


Creatively Yours

John F Sapp



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