On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
1399 – King Richard II of England abdicates his throne
1659 – Robinson Crusoe is shipwrecked (according to Daniel Defoe)
1777 – Congress, flees to York Pa, as British forces advance
1841 – Samuel Slocum patents the stapler
1867 – Midway Islands is formally declared a possession of the US
1880 – Henry Draper takes the first photograph of Orion Nebula
1920 – Time Square Theater opens at 217 W 42nd St NYC
1934 – Babe Ruth plays his final game as a Yankee, goes 0 for 3
1946 – 22 Nazi leaders are found guilty of war crimes at Nuremberg
1953 – Auguste/Jacques Piccard dives with the bathysphere to 3150 meter
1960 – The Flintstones premieres on prime time television! (1st prime time animation show)
1961 – The bill for the Boston Tea Party is paid by Mayor Snyder of Oregon who wrote a check for $196, the total cost of all tea lost that day
1962 – Mexican-American labor leader César Chávez creates the United Farm Workers Union
1986 – Mordechai Vanunu, who revealed details of Israel covert nuclear program to British media, is kidnapped in Rome, Italy
1988 – IBM announces shipment of its 3 millionth PS/2 personal computer
1997 – Microsoft Corp releases Internet Explorer 4.0
2005 – The controversial drawings of Muhammad are printed in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten


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