On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
4004 BC – The Creation of the world begins according to the calculations of Archbishop James Ussher
425 – Valentinian III is elevated to Roman Emperor, at the age of 6
1690 – A revolt in Haarlem begins after a public ban on smoking
1814 – 1st plastic surgery is performed (England)
1915 – 25,000 women march in NYC, demanding the right to vote
1921 – The Green Bay Packers play their first NFL game, 7-6 win over Minneapolis
1927 – The town of Netanya Israel is founded by Nathan Strauss
1941 – Walt Disney’s “Dumbo” is released
1947 – Husband & wife Dr Carl Cori & Dr Gerty Cori are 1st spouses to be awarded joint Nobel Prizes
1956 – The first video recording on magnetic tape is televised coast-to-coast
1964 – Time Magazine uses the term “op art” for the first time
1970 – Gary Gabelich sets an auto speed record of 622.4 mph (1,001 kph)
1973 – Nixon agrees to turn over White House tape recordings to Judge Sirica
1977 – Paleontologist Elso Barghoorn announces that 34-billion-year-old one-celled fossils, the earliest life forms, have been discovered
1981 – The US national debt hits $1 trillion
1983 – A suicide terrorist truck bomb kills 243 Marines and US personnel in Beirut
1991 – Clarence Thomas, is sworn in as Supreme Court Justice
2001 – Apple releases the iPod
2009 – The United Nations “Rotterdam Rules” convention regulating international maritime carriage of goods is ratified with its twentieth signature


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