On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
1260 – The spectacular Cathedral of Chartres is dedicated in the presence of King Louis IX of France; the cathedral is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site
1593 – The alleged teleportation of Gil Perez takes place
1818 – Felix Mendelssohn, at the age of 9, performs his 1st public concert (Berlin)
1851 – William Lassell discovers the moons Ariel & Umbriel, satellites of Uranus
1881 – Levi P Morton, US ambassador to France drives the 1st rivet into the Statue of Liberty
1901 – The first woman goes over Niagara Falls in a barrel (Anna Taylor)
1904 – The 1st NY subway opens
1922 – Irish Parliament adopts a constitution for an Irish Free State??
1926 – Harry Houdini’s has his last performance, at the Garrick Theatre in Detroit, Michigan
1938 – The US forbids child labor in factories
1939 – Nylon stockings go on sale for the 1st time (Wilmington Delaware)
1948 – Bernard M Baruch introduces the term “Cold War”
1971 – Harry Drake sets the longest arrow flight by a footbow (1 mile 268 yds)
1973 – John Lennon sues the US government to admit FBI is tapping his phone
1979 – Guinness Book of Records presents Paul McCartney with a rhodium disc
1988 – Traveling Wilbury’s Volume One is released
1989 – After a week’s delay due to an earthquake, World Series game 3 is played
2003 – Concorde makes its last commercial flight
2009 – First International Day of Climate Action, organized with 350.org, a global campaign to address claims of the global warming crisis


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