Can e-cigarettes truly help you quit?

I say yes, yes, and once again yes! 


     This is a tough article to write because soon a lot of folks I’ve met online will know that I am a smoker. I imagine 

quite a few will be disappointed with this information and it may even lead to a few blocks and un-friending. That’s 

alright with me but I’d also like to let them know that after thirty plus years of smoking I finally have the 

inspiration to lay them down for good this time.


     I’m not going to go into a long history of why or how I started smoking but suffice it to say it’s time. It’s time to 

put them down for good. I knew when I made this decision it will take plenty of discipline and motivation. The 

discipline will come from good ole’ Marine Corps training, and motivation will come from wanting to live a more 

healthy life. There was a time I could run five or six miles every day and now at the age of 52, I’d like to have the

energy to do it again. 


     So how does a guy put down the smokes after 30 some years? I didn’t have a clue. I knew from my experience I

could not just put them down and be done with it. I knew for certain it was going to happen so go ahead call me a 

pussy but I needed some help. I had to have something in my hand to replace that cigarette and lollipops 

weren’t going to cut it. 


      This is when a friend of mine takes out an EHOOKA and starts puffing away. She let me take a few pulls

on hers and suddenly I feel there IS a way to quit! And enjoy that sensation a real cigarette gives you! So for 

all of my online friends I am on my way back to the healthy life I once had. I am now using e-cigarettes and 

bought any smokes for a week now!


      A few days ago I began researching e-cigarettes and found some startling facts including that it is fast 

becoming a multi-million dollar business so my natural entrepreneur instinct tells me to invest some time

and effort to see if I can possibly help some others to quit.


       I wrote to the company that I originally  sold me mine but they had no affiliate program. This is when I

leaned of EHOOKA and requested some information on their programs. They approved my affiliate request and 

I am now in the e-cigarette business


       If you are a smoker like I was and truly want to put them down for good, then this is place to begin. If you 

have friends or family who “wish” they could quit here is where it begins.


      Peace, Blessings, and long life friend




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