Quitting the cigarettes just got a little easier…

Learning how to quit smoking cigarettes may seem like an uphill battle friend, but I’m here to tell you it isn’t.

I have been smoking cigarettes since at least 1974. Me and my pals started smoking cigarettes when we were 

just kids because at that time you wasn’t cool if you didn’t. As a young kid you are always curious about trying

new things and that is simply your human nature. The same goes for sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Now I ain’t 

knocking anyone’s choices here because I’ve made my own choices too. 


   Jump forward to 2013.


   Around the beginning of October I met a lovely lady who says to me “John, you’re a charming, and fun guy but

you always seem to smell like cigarettes and beer”. That statement by this beautiful woman stuck with me day and night. I started looking closer about my choices in life and how they have affected my health and well being. My ego and my true self began arguing with each other by saying such things as “you’re a rebel and to hell with what others opinions are”. “You ain’t getting any younger pal”. “It’s going to be so hard to quit what you’ve been doing for thirty five years John”. “People are calling you weak because you smoke cigarettes” and on and on and on…


   I was doing my laundry one day and suddenly grabbed the shirt in my hands, shoved it in my face, and took a

real long smell. I grabbed a sweater and did it again and yes, it was a pretty nasty smell my friend. At this point 

I realized this had been how I smelled most of the time for the last 30 years. Quite an awakening for this old 

guy and I knew at that moment my life was about to take some serious changes.


   All of a sudden I start seeing how other folks are wanting to quit smoking. I hear little snippets of

conversation about people saying how much they want to quit. I see more people running and exercising and

notice a few friends who I didn’t know had smoked with an e-cigarette in their hands. I get an email about how

e-cigarettes  fast becoming a multi million dollar industry. 


   The lynchpin comes one day when I run into my old friend Doc Scarponi who I know sells all sorts of things 

on e-bay and amazon including the e-cigarette. He’s puffing away on one and I ask how that’s working out. He

tells me feels a whole lot better these days and let’s me take a few drags off of his. That’s it! I’m in! and let me

put an order in right now!


   So far it’s only been a week or so since I began with the e-cigs and I gotta tell ya friend I do feel the difference.

I do feel my lungs opening up a bit more and some positive changes are already taking place. It really hasn’t 

been as difficult as it may seem and I can still puff away but now I do so knowing I’m on my way to feeling just

a wee bit better and the smokes are not as big a part of my life anymore.


   My entrepreneurial spirit has kicked in and perhaps I can help you with your “addiction”  also. I have become

an affiliate of EHOOKAH and its products. I have begun a new path in marketing a product I believe in and want

to give you the opportunity to change your smoking habits as well. Please take a few minutes of your time to

look over what I am offering and then make your own decisions. I’m not looking to lay a guilt trip on you or to

make you feel inferior (or myself superior to you as well) I am only offering a solution that has benefitted me





   There are no character assassinations intended here. Whatever you decide I will always know you’re still a 

really cool cat in my book. Oh, and about the beer, well, I haven’t found an e-beer yet and probably won’t look

to hard for one either. Although I might have to switch back to vodka or cut back my beer consumption. She’ll

just have to deal with that on her own for awhile.




Peace and Blessings friend






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