On this Date in History..

On this Day in history..
845 – The first King of all Brittany, Nominoe defeats the Frankish king Charles the Bald at the Battle of Ballon near Redon
1492 – The Pinta under Martín Alonso Pinzón separates from Columbus’s fleet (it does not end well for him)
1718 – Off the coast of North Carolina, British pirate Edward Teach (“Blackbeard”) is killed in battle with a boarding party led by Lieutenant Robert Maynard
1809 – Peregrine Williamson of Baltimore patents a steel pen
1919 – The Labor conference committee in US urges an 8-hour work day & a 48-hour week
1930 – Elijah Muhammad forms the Nation of Islam in Detroit
1943 – Lebanon declares independence from the French
1955 – RCA Victor’s best investment ever comes by paying $25,000 to Sun Records & Sam Phillips for rights to Elvis Presley, a truck driver from Tupelo Mississippi
1957 – The Miles Davis Quintet debuts in a jazz concert at Carnegie Hall NYC
1957 – Simon & Garfunkel appear on “American Bandstand” as “Tom & Jerry”
1963 – Lyndon Baines Johnson is sworn in as the 36th US president moments after the assassination of President Kennedy
1967 – The BBC unofficially bans “I Am the Walrus” by the Beatles
1967 – Silver hits a record $2.17 an ounce in New York
1968 – Beatles release the White Album, their only double album
1974 – The UN General Assembly recognizes Palestine’s right to sovereignty
1977 – The first three nodes of ARPAnet are connected, in what will eventually become the Internet
1984 – Fred Rogers of PBS “Mr Rogers Neighborhood” presents a sweater to Smithsonian Institution
2005 – Angela Merkel becomes the first female Chancellor of Germany
2008 – YouTube hosts the largest ever live broadcast, YouTube Live


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