On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
783 – Asturian queen Adosinda is put in the monastery of San Juan de Pravia, where she will live out the rest of her life, to prevent her kin from retaking the throne from Mauregatus
1648 – Pope Innocent X condemns the Peace of Westphalia
1778 – Captain Cook discovers Maui in the Sandwich Islands (now Hawaii)
1861 – West Virginia is created as a result of dispute over slavery with Virginia
1865 – “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll published in America
1895 – The Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association is formed
1922 – English archaeologist Howard Carter steps into the tomb of King Tutankhamun for the first time
1942 – “Casablanca” premieres at the Hollywood Theatre, NYC
1952 – The first modern 3-D movie “Bwana Devil” premieres in Hollywood, California
1961 – Pro Baseball Rules Committee votes 8-1 against legalizing the spitball
1962 – The Fab Four have their 1st recording session under the name “Beatles”
1968 – The 34th Heisman Trophy Award is given to O J Simpson of Southern Cal (RB)
1969 – Cream’s final concert is played at Royal Albert Hall
1973 – Nixon’s personal secretary, Rose Mary Woods, tells a federal court she accidentally caused part of an 18½ minute gap in a key Watergate tape
1989 – Rafael Callejas is installed as president of Honduras
1990 – Matsushita purchases MCA for $6.6 billion
1995 – Dolphins QB Dan Marino sets an NFL record with his 343rd touchdown pass
2003 – Concorde makes its last ever flight over Bristol, England
2008 – Terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India: Ten coordinated attacks by Pakistan-based terrorists kill 164 and injure more than 250 people in Mumbai, India
2012 – The cost of Hurricane Sandy to New York is announced to be $32 Billion


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