On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
1495 – Scottish king James IV receives Perkin Warbeck, pretender to the English throne
1703 – The first Eddystone Lighthouse is destroyed in the Great Storm of 1703
1817 – US soldiers attack a Florida Indian village, beginning the Seminole War
1889 – The first permit is issued to drive a car through Central Park (Curtis P Brady)
1910 – NY’s Penn Station opens as the world’s largest railway terminal
1924 – The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is held in New York City
1934 – Bank robber Baby Face Nelson dies in a shootout with Federal agents
1940 – Bruce Lee, [Lee Yuen Kam], is born in SF California
1942 – Jimi Hendrix is born in Seattle Washington
1947 – Joe DiMaggio wins his 3rd MVP, beating Ted Williams by 1 vote
1948 – Honda opens its first plant in America
1951 – Cease-fire & demarcation zone accord is signed in Panmunjon Korea
1960 – Gordie Howe becomes the 1st NHLer to score 1,000 points
1966 – In the highest-scoring NFL game ever, Wash Redskins defeat NY Giants 72-41
1967 – The Beatles release “Magical Mystery Tour”
1973 – Neil Simon’s “Good Doctor” premieres in NYC
1990 – Britain’s conservatives choose John Major to succeed Margaret Thatcher
2001 – A hydrogen atmosphere is discovered on the extrasolar planet Osiris by the Hubble Space Telescope, the first atmosphere detected on an extrasolar planet
2005 – The first partial human face transplant is completed in Amiens, France
2012 – The Eurozone announces that it will make loans of 43.7 billion euros to Greece
2013 – Tiger Woods is named PGA Tour’s player of the year for the 11th time


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