On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..
1631 – The 1st predicted transit of Venus (Kepler) is observed
1745 – Bonnie Prince Charlies’ army retreats to Scotland
1849 – Harriet Tubman escapes from slavery in Maryland for the 2nd and final time
1865 – The 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution is ratified, abolishing slavery
1884 – The aluminum capstone is set atop Washington Monument in Wash, DC
1897 – London becomes the world’s first city to host licensed taxicabs
1912 – China votes for universal human rights
1933 – The ban on James Joyce’ “Ulysses” in the US is lifted
1940 – Gestapo arrest German resistance fighter/poster artist Helen Ernst
1956 – Nelson Mandela & 156 others are arrested for political activities in S Africa
1963 – The Beatles begin a tradition of releasing a Christmas record for fans
1964 – “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” 1st airs on television
1971 – Lewis Franklin Powell is confirmed as Supreme Court justice
1975 – 41st Heisman Trophy Award: Archie Griffin, Ohio State (the only two-time recipient)
1988 – Nelson Mandela is transferred to Victor Verster Prison in Cape Town
1990 – Shoeless Joe Jackson’s signature is sold for $23,100
1994 – Orange County California files for bankruptcy
1994 – The Maltese Falcon is auctioned for $398,590
2006 – NASA releases photographs taken by Mars Global Surveyor suggesting the presence of liquid water on Mars


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