On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..

1708 A Spanish armada headed by the San Jose and loaded with gold is sunk after British squadron attacks off the coast of Colombia (rediscovered in 2015)

1815 Battle of New Orleans (War of 1812); the war had ended on the 24th of December, 1814 but none of the combatants were told!

1835 The United States national debt is 0 for the first and ONLY time!

1877 Crazy Horse and his warriors fight their last battle with the United States Cavalry at Wolf Mountain

1889 Dr Herman Hollerith receives his  1st US patent for a mechanical tabulating machine

1904 Pope Pius X bans low cut dresses in the presence of churchmen

1935 The Spectrophotometer is patented by AC Hardy

1954 Elvis Presley pays $4 to a Memphis studio to record his 1st two songs, “Casual Love” & “I’ll Never Stand in Your Way”

1962 – Golfer Jack Nicklaus, 21, makes his 1st pro appearance, and comes in 50th place

1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson declares a “War on Poverty”

1965 Senator Everett Dirksen introduces a bill to make marigold the American national flower (it does not pass)

1966 The Beatles’ “Rubber Soul” album goes #1 & stays #1 for 6 weeks

1973 – Secret peace talks between the US & North Vietnam are resumed near Paris

1974 – Gold hits a record $126.50 an ounce in London

1974 – Silver hits record a $3.40 an ounce in New York

1978 – Harvey Milk becomes the 1st openly gay person elected to public office in California

1984 NCAA announces that the basketball tournament will have 64 teams

1989 – The Soviet Union promises to eliminate stockpiles of chemical weapons

1992 George Bush gets ill & vomits on the Japanese prime minister’s lap

1996 – For 1st time in 25 years no one is elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

2002 President George W. Bush signs into law the No Child Left Behind Act

2008 New Jersey officially apologizes for slavery, becoming the first Northern state to do so

2012 “The 3:16 Game”, the Denver Broncos’ Tim Tebow connects with Demaryius Thomas on an 80-yard touchdown pass on the first scrimmage play of overtime, giving the underdog Broncos a 29–23 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild Card Playoff Game








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