On this Date in History..

On this Day in History..

1431 Judges’ investigations for the trial of Joan of Arc begin in Rouen, France, the seat of the English occupation government.

1768 Philip Astley stages the first modern circus in London.

1799 British Prime Minister William Pitt introduces income tax to raise funds for the war against Napoleon.

1839 – Thomas Henderson measures the 1st stellar parallax (Alpha Centauri)

1861 – Mississippi secedes from the Union at the beginning of the  Civil War.

1903 – Frank Farrell & Bill Devery purchase a Baltimore baseball  franchise for $18,000 & move it to NYC to become the New York Yankees.

1913 – Richard Nixon, is born in Yorba Linda, California

1936 – Semi-automatic rifles are purchased and integrated into the US army

1937 Italian regime bans marriages between Italians & Abyssinians.

1944 Jimmy Page, (Led Zeppelin) born in London, England. Happy Birthday Jimmy!

1956 Abigail Van Buren’s “Dear Abby” column 1st appears in newspapers

1962 – The NFL prohibits grabbing of face masks.

1967 – The New Orleans’ NFL franchise takes the name “Saints”.

1969 – The Beatles release “Yellow Submarine” single and its album “Revolver”.

1976 – C. W. McCall’s CB song “Convoy” hit #1 on the country music charts

1979 – The US Supreme Court strikes down (6-3) a PA law requiring doctors performing an abortion to try to preserve lives of potentially viable fetuses.

1979 – K-Mart pulls Steve Martin‘s “Let’s Get Small” for being in bad taste.

1984 – John Lennon’s single “Nobody Told Me” is released posthumously.

1990 – The US Supreme Court strikes down Dallas’ ordinance imposing strict zoning on sexually oriented businesses.

1991 – Baseball officially bans Pete Rose from being elected to Hall of Fame

2001 – Apple Inc announces iTunes at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, for organizing and playing digital music and videos.

2007 Apple Inc CEO, Steve Jobs announces the iPhone.








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