3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Mobile Website

A real easy Question: When one of your consumers or a potential consumer visits your website on their

smart phone what is the experience like for them? If your website is not mobile friendly the answer is “horrible”.


People browsing the mobile Internet on the go are looking for what they need fast, and if

they can’t find it,  then they move on even faster. This is usually a phone number, address,

or list of services or product information etc. However, many are faced with a website that is pretty much useless on their mobile devices.


Here are 3 reasons why you must have a mobile website:

  1. A customer who lands on your website that isn’t mobile friendly effects the users

experience which could lead to loss sales or leads. State of the art mobile websites load faster

and are much easier to navigate which allows the users to find what they need right



  1. State of the art mobile websites provide your business credibility with your mobile customers

and audience. This will help your brand loyalty in retaining your existing customers

while, attracting new ones..


  1. Consumers are looking to their phones more then ever for communicating, social media,

shopping, information, directions, phone numbers etc. With the emergence of the smart

phone over the last 5 years, its more important than ever to be able to market to this

growing audience.


We here at Mobile Web Wizard are a state of the art mobile development company and can help guide you to achieving your

mobile website development needs.


Contact me at your earliest convenience to setup a meeting to discuss the possibilities of

our mobile development solutions which will return tangible results for your business.



John F. Sapp



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