On this Day in History..

On this Date in History..

1156 According to legend, freeholder Lalli slays the English crusader Bishop Henry with an axe on the ice of Lake Köyliönjärvi in Finland

1502 The present-day location of Rio de Janeiro is first explored by Columbus

1785 Samuel Ellis publishes an advertisement to sell Oyster Island (Ellis Is).., but there are no takers!!

1840 Dumont D’Urville discovers Adélie Land in the Antarctica

1841 China cedes Hong Kong to the British during the 1st Opium War (the first real drug war?)

1887 The US Senate approves naval base lease of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

1905 The US begins supervision of the Dominican Republic’s national and international debts, testing Roosevelt’s ‘Corollary’ to the Monroe Doctrine

1920 – The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is founded

1930 1st radio broadcast of “Lone Ranger”

1942 – Nazi officials hold the notorious Wannsee conference in Berlin to organise the “final solution”; the extermination of Europe’s Jews

1944 The RAF drops 2,300 tons of bombs on Berlin, Germany

1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt is sworn-in for an unprecedented (and never to be repeated) 4th term as US President

1949 J. Edgar Hoover gives Shirley Temple a tear gas fountain pen

1956 Buddy Holly records “Blue Days Black Night” in Nashville, Tennessee

1956 Bill Maher, is born in New York City, New York, American comedian and political commentator

1959 Carl Switzer, actor (Alfalfa-Our Gang), is shot to death at 31

1961 – Democrat J.F. Kennedy is inaugurated as President of the United States, the youngest president ever sworn in. His adversary Richard Nixon is inaugurated 8 years later..

1969 Richard M Nixon is inaugurated as US president

1971 – John Lennon meets Yoko Ono‘s parents in Japan

1979 1 million Iranians march in Tehran in a show of support for the exiled Ayatollah Khomeini, fundamentalist Muslim leader

1981 52 Americans held hostage in Iran for 444 days are freed.  The same day Ronald Reagan is inaugurated as 40th US President

1989 -Ronald  Reagan becomes the first president elected in a “0” year, since 1840, to leave office alive

1993 Audrey Hepburn, actress (Roman Holiday), dies of colon cancer at 63

1998 The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducts the Mama & Papas & the Eagles

2002 Photographs showing al-Qaeda and Taliban suspects shackled and masked are published by the United States military

2009 Barack Obama, is inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America, becoming the United States’ first African-American president




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