Today marks the anniversary of..

On this Date in History..

1506 The first contingent of 150 Swiss Guards arriving at the Vatican

1575 English queen Elizabeth I granting Thomas Tallis & William Byrd the entire music press monopoly

1689 Lord Halifax becoming Speaker of the English House of Lords

1813 The Americans capture Frenchtown in the Michigan Territory

1857 A National Association of Baseball Players is founded

1881 An ancient obelisk “liberated” from Egypt, “Cleopatra’s Needle” is erected in Central Park, New York

1931 – Sir Isaac Isaacs is sworn in as the first Australian-born Governor-General of Australia

1951 – Fidel Castro being ejected from a Winter League baseball game after hitting a batter

1959 The USAF concludes that less than 1% of UFOs are unknown objects

1968 “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” premieres on NBC

1971 John Lennon & Yoko Ono recording  “Power to the People”

1973 – Roe vs Wade: US Supreme Court legalizes most abortions

1985 – Kelly Hu, 16, of Hawaii, is crowned 3rd Miss Teen USA

1987 – Pennsylvania politician R. Budd Dwyer shoots and kills himself at a press conference on live national television, leading to debates on boundaries in journalism

1990 – Robert Tappan Morris, Jr. convicted of releasing the 1988 Internet worm

1991 – Kuwaiti oil facilities are destroyed by Iraqi forces

1992 Princess Sarah Ferguson wearing a paper bag over her head on an airline

2002 Kmart Corp becomes the largest retailer in United States history to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

2003 The Last successful contact with the spacecraft Pioneer 10 is made, one of the most distant man-made objects

2013 – The Bank of Japan doubles its inflation target to 2% and announces open-ended asset purchases for 2014 in the hope of ending deflation

2014 Water vapour is detected on the dwarf planet Ceres


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