The Art of e-commerce..

I have found that e-commerce to some folks can be a harrowing experience

and to others an exciting path to venture into. There are some who want desperately

to put their unique products out into the world in hopes that their tiny little shop

will expand exponentially across the planet with sales coming from as far away as

a tiny island in the South Pacific Ocean and in most cases that is exactly what happens.


Imagine yourself taking one of your personal creations (one of many I would hope) and

gently wrapping it with your bubble wrap or what have you, placing it into a cardboard

box, sealing ever so carefully and writing in the address to a person in, let’s say, Sumbawa

Indonesia. For me that would certainly be the highlight of my day and might even call

for a small celebration of some sort..


Now imagine yourself Being that person on the tiny island of Sumbawa lazily scrolling

with your thumb, as we all do on our iPhones, with a nice cool drink in one hand , chatting

aimlessly with our mates and BAM! she comes onto your site and sees the loveliest little

piece she simply must have!!


In a nutshell, that is basically how an e-commerce site works my friend and I have

recently teamed up with a company that can allow us to do just that if we so desire. My

new found friends and I are able to make this possible.


E-Commerce websites have become one our most popular offerings. One of the main

reasons is the low start up costs and ease by which online business can be done. In weeks

you can have an online store and look like an established company that has been around

for years. These sites can be setup with very little out of pocket costs and no retail space

and very little inventory expenses. It’s such a great business model that it has often been

referred to as the “perfect business”. You develop a shopping store that looks great, easy

to use and brings visitors in.


E-commerce stores level the playing field, too. When they are built properly and

professionally, you can suddenly compete with any other online store, no matter how long

it’s been around. We build them professionally and secure so that the average user feels

comfortable enough to use their credit card and submit through your website. The

credibility and peace of mind comes from the display and design of your site! 


I invite anyone within the range of this blog to contact me if this is what you feel Your

business direction might be headed. You can also cruise around our website, which I will

place at the bottom here, and see what we are offering or what might be more practical

for your line of work. At Mobile Web Wizard we run state of the art responsive mobile

ready websites for any business looking to expand their customer base with tried and true

mobile technology.



Feel free to contact me so we can schedule a time where I can show you our powerful

mobile marketing services, which will demonstrate just how effective mobile marketing

really is.


I look forward to speaking with you,


Peace and blessings

John F. Sapp








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