With a simple flick of the thumb another client passes you by..

Good Afternoon,


In order to do business in today’s economy a business must stay in front of

its clients and its potential next clients’s face, literally, agreed? Before the

advent of computers and smartphones this was done with television adverts

and huge billboards plastered across America’s highways and bi ways. Of

course this is still being done but with 450 million people owning an iPhone

or Android phone, that Is where their faces are 70% of the day.


A business that invests its marketing dollars in a state of the art website with all

the bells, whistles, drop down boxes, videos, and what have you is great don’t get

me right but when 73% of online research comes from a smartphone  and 50% of

a person’s purchases are made from that smartphone, the bells and whistles

Must be going off in your head as well agreed? A beautifully designed website is

a great way to get your products in front of a market and it is imperative for any

legitimate, well established company to have one if not three different sites on

all major media platforms to get their products and services known, and bought,

by folks surfing the web AT HOME!!


But people are on the go, people, have there faces in their phone bedazzled by

fact that anything they desire is in the palm of their hands and frankly, if you

are not in the palm of their hand, with a flick of a thumb, you are not going to

be seen by someone searching for just the right business to satisfy their

immediate needs. That is why it is imperative for your business to be there for

them. Agreed?


If You are satisfied with your client base and have all the clients you need, you

have no obligation to read this article any further. However, if you have the

wherewithall to know another business is in the palm of your client’s hand

then read on..


I have had the privilege to begin working with a company that can put a

company’s website or someone’s personal online store in front of the millions

of smartphone users that will cover all the needs of a business or personal store.

Each business has different needs such as menus for restaurants, click to call,

online scheduling for doctors lawyers, locations, anylitics and seo to see where

to focus marketing, maps, business hours and giving a business full control of

what exactly goes on its site such as videos, images, font, text, and so much

more. As a consultant I sit down with you face to face or on conference call

with my colleagues and hash out what is it you will like to offer your clients.


When you’re available I will be happy to sit down with you and go over the

possibilities of what our company can do for you to get your business in the

hands of millions of smartphone users.


John F. Sapp


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