My wordPress site has been sitting idle for Toolong.

I have let her slip away but recently she has returned into my thoughts and I realize I have neglected and kicked her to the curb. I do hope you can forgive me TooLong. We had a great run each morning for so many years didn’t we.


I just want you to know my dear that I am back on town for awhile and would enjoy to share some experiences I’ve had since our paths have changed ways. I’m putting in a few photos of my recent travels here for you that I hope you will enjoy.

I expect to start writing on this platform again with some new creative ideas. Although, some of the thoughts I will be writing about will not be accepted with an open mind by many of our sisters and brothers , it is my intention to toss some pebbles in the pond and watch the ripples expand..


All the Best TooLong

Be in touch soon



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