12 Reasons why I watched a news program this evening..

  • 1) I was in a bar.
  • 2) One of the several flatscreens happened to be directly in my line of sight.
  • 3) The barmaid wasn’t.
  • 4) It seemed important.
  • 5) The visuals captivated me.
  • 6) It was broadcast in HD for maximum effect  .
  • 7) People believe it.
  • 8) The marketing of American values is unprecedented.
  • 9) Duke won!
  • 10) the barmaid still had no interest.
  • 11) I Am, always will be, curious and questioning of everything.
  • 12) So for I have no reason to for a loong time.from-phone-025

On This Date in History..

The Johnny fund..

On this Day in History..

66 The 5th recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet takes place

1500 Vicente Yáñez Pinzón becomes the first European to set foot in Brazil

1564 The Council of Trent issued its conclusions in the Tridentinum, establishing a distinction between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism

1697Isaac Newton receives Jean Bernoulli’s 6 month time-limit problem; then proceeds to solve it before going to bed that very same night

1784Benjamin Franklin expresses his unhappiness over the eagle being selected as America’s symbol

1838 Tennessee enacts the first prohibition law in the United States

1841 Hong Kong is proclaimed a sovereign territory of Britain

1863 The Massachusetts Governor receives permission from Secretary of War to raise a militia organization for men of African descent (54th Massachusetts Regiment)

1871 – US income tax is repealed

1875 The Electric dental drill…

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There once was a guy..

At this time in his meager life he wondered exactly where he was. This young kid thought of

only things of a Grand scale and why he is being denied of his birthright. After all this spirit had picked this young couple to experience his soul once again in the physical world

in the hopes of expanding his spirit more.

My wordPress site has been sitting idle for Toolong.

I have let her slip away but recently she has returned into my thoughts and I realize I have neglected and kicked her to the curb. I do hope you can forgive me TooLong. We had a great run each morning for so many years didn’t we.


I just want you to know my dear that I am back on town for awhile and would enjoy to share some experiences I’ve had since our paths have changed ways. I’m putting in a few photos of my recent travels here for you that I hope you will enjoy.

I expect to start writing on this platform again with some new creative ideas. Although, some of the thoughts I will be writing about will not be accepted with an open mind by many of our sisters and brothers , it is my intention to toss some pebbles in the pond and watch the ripples expand..


All the Best TooLong

Be in touch soon


The Art of e-commerce..

I have found that e-commerce to some folks can be a harrowing experience

and to others an exciting path to venture into. There are some who want desperately

to put their unique products out into the world in hopes that their tiny little shop

will expand exponentially across the planet with sales coming from as far away as

a tiny island in the South Pacific Ocean and in most cases that is exactly what happens.


Imagine yourself taking one of your personal creations (one of many I would hope) and

gently wrapping it with your bubble wrap or what have you, placing it into a cardboard

box, sealing ever so carefully and writing in the address to a person in, let’s say, Sumbawa

Indonesia. For me that would certainly be the highlight of my day and might even call

for a small celebration of some sort..


Now imagine yourself Being that person on the tiny island of Sumbawa lazily scrolling

with your thumb, as we all do on our iPhones, with a nice cool drink in one hand , chatting

aimlessly with our mates and BAM! she comes onto your site and sees the loveliest little

piece she simply must have!!


In a nutshell, that is basically how an e-commerce site works my friend and I have

recently teamed up with a company that can allow us to do just that if we so desire. My

new found friends and I are able to make this possible.


E-Commerce websites have become one our most popular offerings. One of the main

reasons is the low start up costs and ease by which online business can be done. In weeks

you can have an online store and look like an established company that has been around

for years. These sites can be setup with very little out of pocket costs and no retail space

and very little inventory expenses. It’s such a great business model that it has often been

referred to as the “perfect business”. You develop a shopping store that looks great, easy

to use and brings visitors in.


E-commerce stores level the playing field, too. When they are built properly and

professionally, you can suddenly compete with any other online store, no matter how long

it’s been around. We build them professionally and secure so that the average user feels

comfortable enough to use their credit card and submit through your website. The

credibility and peace of mind comes from the display and design of your site! 


I invite anyone within the range of this blog to contact me if this is what you feel Your

business direction might be headed. You can also cruise around our website, which I will

place at the bottom here, and see what we are offering or what might be more practical

for your line of work. At Mobile Web Wizard we run state of the art responsive mobile

ready websites for any business looking to expand their customer base with tried and true

mobile technology.



Feel free to contact me so we can schedule a time where I can show you our powerful

mobile marketing services, which will demonstrate just how effective mobile marketing

really is.


I look forward to speaking with you,


Peace and blessings

John F. Sapp









Have you seen your website from a smartphone lately?

Good Afternoon,


Consumers today are using their mobile devices more than ever to find YOUR

Business, research your business, and connect with your business. Did you know that half of all Internet searches today for local services and products are taking place on mobile smart phones and devices?


If you think about it, you have lots of traffic coming to your business on mobile devices and quite frankly the experience on your current website is not quite enjoyable. Internet users report that 95% of the time they will leave the website on their mobile phone if it’s not mobile optimized, which means a major loss in revenue for your business.


Most websites, including yours, were built to look outstanding on a computer or laptop, but once viewed on a mobile phone whose screen is much smaller the experience isn’t pleasant to say the least. Mobile consumers are less likely to engage and frankly have a bad experience when they land on your site and it’s not mobile.


Have you honestly tried to view your phone on an iPhone, android or blackberry device lately? Can you easily find your phone number and address? Can you easily click to call your business? Can you easily navigate around your website and quickly find what you need?


If the answer is no to any of these questions chances are you are losing business to your competitors who are mobile ready.


Over 40% of all Internet searches are being performed from mobile devices. This means in total you can be losing 40% of potential business just for the sole reason of you not being mobile ready.


When you’re available,  I would love to set up a meeting with you and go over the possibilities of  what our service can do for your business. .